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Most dog bites are suffered by children, and many do not fully realize why that is the case. Actually, there are a few root causes that are common to most incidents.

Children, and sometimes adults can, unintentionally, do things that dogs dislike intensely and can trigger a bad reaction. Our safety seminar teaches both adults and children how to read a dog's body language and avoid doing things that can create a dangerous environment. Everyone loses when a child is bitten. When the cause is missed, the stage is set for future incidents. Once some understanding of our K9 buddies and their interaction with kids is attained, these unfortunate incidents, usually, do not repeat.
Interactions of Dogs & Kids...
We provide speakers free of charge, with or without demo dogs, to conduct seminars on the following subjects:
There is a lot involved in accepting the responsibility of having a companion dog in the family. We discuss the various do's and don'ts of dog ownership, legal implications, and fun things to do with your dog(s).
Responsible Dog Ownership & Choosing the Right Dog
Free instruction on how to manage and accomplish the basic obedience training of your dog (s)
Advice and instruction on how to deal with the most common behavior issues encountered by dog owners. Many are easily solved. These interactive meetings are always followed by a Q&A session.
Unwanted Behavior Issues
Our K-9 Partners
Good Breeder, Bad Breeder
How to identify a good breeder and avoid bad breeders, including puppy mills
If you would like to arrange a seminar for your group or would like additional information regarding these free seminars please contact the
Public Education Director
A discussion about the many ways dogs help humans such as SAR, service dogs, military dogs, etc., how they are trained, and what they do.
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