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There are a great varitey of volunteer jobs at K9 Buddies. You don't have to have a dog to participate. Of course, there are the obvious jobs like therapy dog handler and trainer but there are lots more.

If there is a cell dog program operating in your area they need volunteers to assst trainers, provide transportation for dogs to and from Vets and from the shelters they were rescued from. People with fund raising skills are always in high demand and greatly appreciated. Heavily experienced dog trainers are needed to teach the inmates how to train dogs.

In the therapy dog programs people are needed to assist and organize handler classes and evaluations and help with functions in which K9B participates. If you have experience working with dogs and training them we may have evaluator opportunites in your area.

In the public education programs we need speakers, trainers, and folks who want to help by organizing the events.

Help make a difference in your community. These programs provide therapy for you as well as for those you visit and/or work with in the various programs. All our volunteers report a tremendous amount of satisfaction and joy in seeing how much their time is appreciated and the great amount of good they are doing for so many people.

You teach by example. Each new volunteer inspires two others to become a doer instead of a talker and make things happen for the better. In today's world, people like you are more important than ever!
If your interested in volunteering contact the Director by clicking on the link below: